unique combination of technical and people skills

Alex has a unique combination of technical and people skills.

Here are just two examples:

First, Alex is a skilled strategist. He coached my team through a transformation to agile methodology, which improved structure around the way my team achieves milestones and communicates.

Second, Alex possesses a powerful ability to put himself into clients’ shoes. He was able to affect massive improvement on client perception by recommending and overseeing some simple reporting changes.

Crockett Dunn

outstanding, kind and thoughtful

On everything I work on with you you have been outstanding, kind and thoughtful, end goal focused and highly productive. You have a positive energy that makes the project fun to work on and you move things ahead so work feels like a party. Add that to your management and tech skills and you’re a winner.

Perry "The Inventor" Kaye
Founder/CEO Perry Teri Toys

really brilliant in his field

Alex has a wealth of information and is really brilliant in his field. After meeting him, I asked him for his advice on starting up a business venture and he spent the next hour providing valuable insight, ideas, and a road map on how to get started. After a year of researching, asking “gurus”, and trying various tactics out, no one had laid out helpful information as succinctly, and effectively as Alex. Besides his skills in business, he is also a really cool person! Thanks for the help Alex!

Josef Hirmann
Mobile App Entrepreneur

Alex has a way of challenging you to think outside your scope

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Alex regarding a project I’ve been working to bring to fruition. I was in search of an app/web programmer. I had no clue of what questions I should ask or the skill set to look for in my search.

His honest and straightforward feedback was invaluable. He helped me to think beyond what I thought I needed and simplified the process to lead me to what I actually needed. Which definitely displayed his professionalism and project management expertise. Alex has a way of challenging you to think outside your scope and guiding you to the right answers. Often the answers you need to hear vs. the answers you want to hear.

He is definitely someone that can speak both languages. That being the technology component and the layman’s terms for us that are not so tech savvy. However, he is also well versed with the business aspect of project management for all parties involved.

Most importantly, he has a genuine desire to help others succeed and I look forward to hopefully working with him on future projects.

Renee Joseph
Founder & CEO EcoEDI eLearning

I highly recommend Alex for any project at any stage

Working with Alex is an incredible experience.
Within 5 minutes of talking with Alex, I knew it was a no holds barred conversation on a technical, marketing and personable level. Alex got the concepts I was conveying along with the issues presented. The ideas and brainstorming following our initial conceptual introduction reminded me of drinking from the water hose as a kid on a hot summer day. The refreshing-ness of possibilities along with the endless supply of options allowed me to see my project in a different light along with offering different emotions to my end users. I highly recommend Alex for any project at any stage.

A.J. Weinzettel
Mobile Services Entrepreneur